Mark These Tournaments On Your Calendar!  

Labor Day Sand Olympics

Sunday, September 1st at Spikers in Gretna

Join us for the 2nd Annual Labor Day Sand Olympics!! This year, we are adding to our events! We have Coed 6s Volleyball, Cornhole (bags), Washers (Pennies) and Fowling (combination of Football & Bowling).

All members will play volleyball, then split into 3 pairs to compete in the other events. Team members may not play more than 1 other event. Pairs may be either coed or Men's & Women's, depending on the strategy of each team. All events are scored, with teams combining their scores in each event for a total score. Cash Prizes for Overall 1st and 2nd place winners. 

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Reverse Coed 4s Tournament

Saturday, September 28th at TVA

Reverse Coed 4s Tournament...Girls, get those hitting arms ready! This tournament is played on a women's net with girls hitting from the front row and blocking. For this tournament, guys can hit from the back row. Teams must have at least 1 guy, and regular 4s rules will apply (no tipping, shoulders square to where you are setting if going over the net, call your own nets/touches/lifts/doubles, etc)


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Overnight Coed 6s Tournament

Friday, October 4th at TVA

You may need some caffeine for this one! Join us for an overnight tournament at TVA! This tournament is coed, so teams must have 3 guys/3 girls. Starts at 7:00 pm going into the early hours with pool play followed by a double elimination tournament.


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