Mark These Tournaments On Your Calendar!  

Reverse 4s or Reverse 6s Tournament

Saturday, October 10 at TVA

Girls, get your swing on!! Join us for a Reverse 4s or Reverse 6s tournament played on a women's net! Choose which one you prefer to play! Girls hit and block from front row. Guys can only attack from behind the 10' line. Start time is 11:00am for this tournament. Teams can consist of 3 girls/1 guy or 2 girls/2 guys for 4s or if you are playing 6s your team must be 3 girls/3 guys. Cost is $25/person.



Dress Up and Play...Costume Coed 6s Tournament

Saturday, October 17th at TVA

It's back!! Get your costume ideas together and start planning on something fun! Teams need to have a common theme and all players have to play in costume. Start time is 11:00am. Cost is $150/team. All teams will play pool play followed by tournament play. Prizes for best team costume as well as individual costume, however, to be considered, you must play in your costume for the duration of the tournament.


Regular-Reverse Coed 4s Tournament

Saturday, November 14th at TVA

Join us for a Regular-Reverse Coed Tournament! This tournament is a variation of both coed (men's net) and reverse (women's net). For those of you who like both, this tournament is for you! Normal 4s rules will apply (No open hand tipping, shoulders square to where you are setting, open hand receiving is allowed, no girl/guy rule) and guys are allowed to attack from behind the 10' line. Yes, we will have football on as many tv's as we can!

Start time is 11:00am.
Teams must have 2 guys/2 girls.
Cost is $100/team.