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Mark These Tournaments On Your Calendar!  

High-Low Coed 4s Tournament

Saturday, November 13th at TVA
11:00am start
$25/Person to play (or provide some of the below items to help low income families in the OPS District).

If you are looking for a fun volleyball tournament, grab some friends and play High-Low Coed 4s! Your team must have 2 girls/2 guys. This tournament is played on a women's net with the girls hitting and blocking for one game, and on a men's net with the guys hitting/blocking for the next. Guys are allowed to attack from behind the 10' line in the reverse portion of play.

Entry fee for this tournament is a little different! You can either pay $25 or provide some of these items (toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, body soap, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, feminine products, dish soap-not dishwasher soap, or laundry detergent) to be donated to low income families in the OPS District. 

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Men's & Women's 3s Tournament

Saturday, November 20th at TVA
10:00am start

Come play Men's & Women's 3s! This type of tournament is so much fun! It's fast paced and caters to both offensive and defensive players! Rules are the same as indoor 4s. You should definitely try this one!

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Reverse 4s Tournament

Saturday, December 4th at TVA
10:00am start
$25/Person to play

Teams can either have 1 guy/3 girls or 2 guys/2girls. Indoor 4ss rules apply. Multiple divisions will be offered, so grab some friends and play!

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