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Fall League

Registration is now open!

Use the link below to register.  You will be directed to the page to select the division you wish to register for.

2024 Fall League Information


All players will be evaluated on the evaluation dates.  They will be placed on teams according to their skill level.  Please choose which date you wish to attend when registering.  This will help us with knowing how many coaches are needed on those days.

Sunday Aug 4th

7 & 8th Grade  12:00-1:30p

5 & 6th Grade  1:45-3:15p

3 & 4th Grade  3:30-5:00pm

Tues, Aug 6

3-4th Grade  5:00-6:15p

5 & 6th Grade  6:15p-7:45p

7-8th Grade  7:45-9:15pm

Please attend only one eval. Mark the date on your registration.

If you are unable to attend either of these dates, you may schedule a 30 min private evaluation that will cost $15.  A usual 30 min lesson runs $30-$35.  Lesson times are very popular throughout the fall and releasing times for private evaluations takes away times from the clients wanting lessons.

League dates

Practices Aug 11, 18, 25, Sept 15, 22, Oct 6, 13

Tournaments Sep 8, Sept 29, Oct 20

Fall Camp Sep 1, (Labor Day weekend) Many players are in town and would like extra training*  Register for the fall camp on the link below.  League members receive a discount of $10. Time for the fall camp is 12:30- 2:30p. 

Sunday afternoon practice times

7/8th Grade Fall League will be 12:00-1:45 pm

5/6th Grade Fall League will be 2:00-3:45 pm* (High level 5/6 grade teams may be moved to the 7/8 grade time frame)

3/4th Grade Fall League will be 4:00-5:45 pm


Back for a 3rd year for Fall League

An Additional Night of Training if you want!!!

We run our Fall League on Sundays for those individuals who play on a school team.  This allows you to play on both your school team and your TVA team. Allowing you to get great training in our Sunday League.  There are many players in our fall league who do not have a school team and play only once a week, and this has not allowed you to train at a higher level like those on school teams. We will offer our additional training on Thursday nights from 6-7:30pm for 10 nights of training.  Dates are Aug 15, 22, 29, Sept 5, 12, 19, 26, Oct 3, 10, 17.

Fall League member's cost: $125. 

Non-Fall League member's cost: $150. 

If you did not get into our fall league this year, please look at registering for our Winter League. Registration will open Nov 1, 2024. Our Winter League filled in a matter of days last year, so please be prepared to register to secure your spot.

 Evals will be in Dec and League will start the week of Jan 9. Go to the Winter League page for all the details.

Fall League/Labor Day Camp

Sunday Sept 1st 12:30-2:30pm


League Players - $35

Non League - $45

All non-TVA teams can register for any TVA League Tournament  Cost/tournament is $75/team

We will usually run two waves for each tournament to allow more teams to enter.  Waves will be determined about 1 week prior to each tournament.  Wave times usually run 8a-1p and 1-6p. Schedules will be posted and sent the Wed prior to the tournament. Please read our tournament rules for each age group as we modify rules to increase the three contacts for learning purposes. 

What to expect-Each week we will advance the fundamentals and team aspects of our training. Our goal is to get each team to understand base, rotations, and defensive to offensive transition, all while incorporating three contacts.

Our leagues are unique in that the style of teaching and training may vary from other leagues your child has participated in. We have found our philosophy teaches and encourages the three contact concept more quickly and helps in the development of the game concept for younger ages. While in the older ages the players are challenged with offensive and defensive strategies and decision making in all situations.

Practices-There will be one practice per week.  Each will last 1 hr and 45 min. These are always on Sundays so you can play with your school team and still play in the TVA League.

Choosing to Play with Friends or by Skill Level-On your evaluation card you will be allowed to select your friends for 3/4 & 5/6 divisions only.  Please be advised if you select to be with your friend(s) and your friend is a lower skill level than yourself you will be placed on a lower skilled team. It is not fair for us to place a lower skill player on a higher level team if they are not ready physically for the demands of those skills needed. We ask that you repeat your friends names on your evaluation card if you wish to be with your friends over skill level. 

If you choose skill level over friends that will trump the choice of friends. Do not write any friends names in your registration or on your card if selecting level over friends. If your friends are at your skill level, you should be fine. 

Choosing to play with friends is not an option for the 7/8 grade league.  Players are divided by skill level. Since players are usually at an advanced level of play skill level must be the priority of training and competition.

Tournament Play-Teams in each league will compete in three tournaments. This gives players an opportunity to work on the team aspects they’ve learned and put them into real game situations.  Rules can be modified to help generate success and confidence at the different age levels.

There will be 7-9 players per team, and coaches will be provided. This league is a great way for both the newest player in volleyball and the player who is already playing in club, rec, pro, suburban, the Y or on a school team to advance their level of play