All Lesson Specials are Group Lessons

Many people are looking for group lessons, but have a difficult time getting a group together.  We have had success with our "Lesson Specials" to help participants save money and get that "private" lesson feedback in the group lessons.

Dates and times will vary throughout the year.  These are offered when times are available.  These specials can fill quickly.  Continue to check back to see if anyone has cancelled and there is an opening. Select the age level for your child and the date that will fit your schedule.  If you cannot attend it is important for you to cancel to allow others to fill your spot.

Just click the link(s) below to take you to the group sign-up page.

Group Lessons Prices

Groups sizes can vary from 4-8. 

Groups of 4: Cost is $25/person (regular is $32)

Groups of 6: Cost is $20/person (regular is $25)

Groups of 8: Cost is $15/person (regular is $20)

Payment will be at the time of the lesson.  Cash or check are preferred but we can process credit cards.

Participants entering Grades 5-6 for fall of 2019

Participants entering Grades 7-8 for fall of 2019

Participants entering Grades 9-12 for fall of 2019