All Skills Training:
All Skills Training focuses on individual breakdown for greater learning at a younger age.
Beach Volleyball: 
We have two programs in the Sand.  Beach Clinics and a Sand Doubles League.  At the Clinics you will learn the proper techniques and rules for outdoor play.  They are different than indoor.  Beach/Sand VB is one of the fastest growing sports in the US,  Many collegiate programs have now added a Beach team.The programs will start in May and run through July and possibly August. We will also offer Sand Tournaments during the May to August time frame for both Adults and Youth ages.
Boys Volleyball: 
Our boys volleyball is starting to grow.  There are three programs to choose from. Little Spiker’sgrades K-4, here we teach the fundamentals and begin to get the players in small groups of 2-4 and work on the concept of pass-set-hit.  Our Intermediate Spiker’sare for those in grades 5-8.  The concept is to continue to develop their fundamentals with more intensity on the 6 on 6 game strategies and concepts.  The 3rd programs is for the High School level player who loves an explosive, dynamic team sport, is it our Spiker’sprogram.
We have two main styles of Camps.  Our All Skills Campsand our High School Camps.  WE offer five AS camps during the summer of 2016 and two HS camps.  The AS camps are for two levels, 3-6 grade and 6-8 grade.  We have an over lap at grade 6 due to the wide variety of skill at this age.  For many this is still an entry level age, where others have been playing for a few years in club.  Those who have club experience are encourage to attend the 6-8 grade camps. The HS camps are for all players in HS looking to get ready for the HS season.  These camps will combine working on fundamental techniques and game aspects.
All camps will have players placed in groups according to their skill level.  You may attend as many of the camps as you wish.  As you continue to attend the level of challenges will move up according to your progression as a player.  If you are looking for position specific training we highly suggest our Schools.
Our three leagues (Fall, Winter and Spring)are very popular.  Within each league we have three levels of play (Developmental, Competitive, and Advanced Competitive).  All three are designed to meet the skill level and physical and mental maturity of their specific grades.Our leagues our different!!! Our emphasis is on becoming a better player through individual technique and improvement while developing the game aspects.  At the youngest of grades we teach the players positions. They will also be coached and encouraged to get three contacts as often as possible at the earliest of grades.
They will learn to be middles, leftsides, and/or setters.  We believe the earlier a player understand the concepts of the game the faster they will learn.  Players are not “locked” into these positions, they are learning how all positions work together.  As they progress as players their skill level will define the position they are best suited for. Realize “their” position can change from team to team and season to season, no matter who they play for.  Each team is a completely different dynamic of individuals and skill set.  Where a player may be the #1 setter on one team, they may be the 4th best on another. So, learning all skills; pass, set, hit, block and serve will prepare them to be diversified as a volleyball player.
Lessons are offered 12 months a year.  We have numerous coaches who will give lessons.  Our two current full time staff for lessons are Deb and Krista.  To book your lesson go to the lesson page.  We have a variety of prices depending on the length of the lesson and the number of people in the lesson.
We have done lessons from as early as 2nd grade up to adults.  From beginner to National team level players. Our schedule normally coincides with the school calendar since the majority of our clients range from grades 2-12.  We have conducted lessons for individuals from as far west as California and as far east as Virginia.  For those who travel from afar we will try to schedule longer time frames to make your trip as cost effective as possible.
Li’l Diggers:
Li’l Diggers along with Camps was one of the first TVA programs started 10 years ago.  Today approximately over 500 Li’l Diggers come through in a single year in the numerous sessions offered. Li’l Diggers is a K-4 program that teaches the fundamentals of the main skills of serving, passing, setting ans spiking. The focus is on learning and having fun.
We have branch of our Li’l Diggers call the Li’l Digger-Big Digger program.  It is a child/parent program that is a great learning atmosphere for both.  The LD-BD program is offered 3-4 times per year.
As an ACADEMY…we have SCHOOLS!  Passing, Setting, Hitting, Serving, and Blocking. This is our camp version of position training.  Instead of offering a 2 or 3 day version of position camp we offer schools that meet once and sometimes twice a week for 1 hour.  Athletes retain more when they have time between sessions for their brain and bodies to continue to “mentally absorb” what they practiced.  Over a 4 week (4 hour) time frame the athletes will adjust the skill at a faster rate and retain the new techniques.  Our schools will focus on the break down of the skill to improve each individual.
Team Camps: 
We can bring the Team Camp to you or you can bring your team to us!  We have conducted over 60 “satellite” camps in the Midwest.  We design these camps to fit YOUR needs.  We do not have a “cookie cutter” design.  Each school has different skill levels and abilities that need  training specific to those needs.  Our camps are inexpensive compared to taking your team to the larger team camps.  Contact us to help you improve your program.