Beach Volleyball is a great way to improve your indoor game with all around ball control. At TVA, we offer you several opportunities to learn and play the great game of Beach Volleyball! Check out what we have below in terms of Clinics, Leagues, & Tournaments. Whether you are just beginning to play Beach Volleyball or have been playing for several years, we have something for you!

So, find a partner and join the fun!

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All clinics will be a series of 3 nights giving players the ability to retain information and continue to work on all aspects of the Doubles game. Beach clinics do not require you to have a partner. See below for Clinic Options, levels, skills covered & Registration.

Clinic Series 1 (4-8th Grade, beginner level)
May 13, 20, 27

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Clinic Series 2  (7-12th Grade, Beginner/Intermediate level)
May 14, 21, 28

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Clinic Series 3  (5-12th Grade, Advanced level)
May 12, 19, 26

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Clinic levels:
Beginner/Intermediate level 
This level is for those players who have never played beach or the player who has played a little. This is a great introduction to the beach game and understanding the differences between the indoor and outdoor game.

Advanced level 
This level is for those players who have played in Beach league in the past and have an understanding of the Beach game. The drills for this level require more ball control to give players an advantage over opponents.

Skills Covered in these clinics:
The hitting portion of this session will focus on how to jump out of the sand to attack the ball, the shots needed to be successful, and increasing vision of the court. Setting will focus on set location, height, and ability to set the ball with both platform and hands. Passing will focus on location of the pass, how to pass in the elements, and the best way to set yourself and your partner up for a successful attack.

Blocking will focus on independent hands, how to set up your block, and recognizing when to block and when to drop off to play defense. The defensive portion of this clinic will focus on how to cover the court with two people, their responsibilities with and without a block, and vision drills to make you quicker in defense. Serving will cover how to use the elements to your advantage, jump serving in the sand, and how to take opponents out of their game plan by serving efficiently.


This fun and challenging sport will give you the opportunity to develop your volleyball skills in a different way.

4-8th Grade Beach Doubles League:
June 8-July 27th: Monday evenings from 5:00-6:30

Players will go through drills showing strategy for the first portion of the league to give them opportunities to understand the concepts and movements of the doubles game. Each week we will shorten the amount of drill work so play will continue to improve. This is a great league for those just starting out or fairly new to doubles.

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7-12th Grade Beach Doubles League:

June 10-July 29th: Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:30

On the first night, we will discuss rules, instruct in strategies to help make the game easier, and go through a warmup series that gives players the opportunity to prepare to play. Teams will play as many matches each night as time allows. Coaches will give feedback as play goes to help teams with strategy and mechanics.

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Other Important Information:

Sports sunglasses are mandatory, wear sunscreen, bring a water bottle and towel.  Sand Socks are optional.

Spiker's does not allow outside food/drink.  Seating provided, please do not bring chairs.

Find a partner and join the fun!  If your partner needs to miss a week, find a sub so you can still participate!


May 31st at Spikers

Head Camp Instructors: All Americans Jess Schaben (Iowa State/LSU) and Taryn Kloth (Creighton/LSU)

Registration opens April 1

Camp 1:
5th-12th grade boys and girls
9:30-12:00pm, 1:00-3:30pm
$80 pre-registration - prior to May 20 (price includes a t-shirt)
$90 after May 20th (price includes a t-shirt)

Items to bring with you to camp:
Beach towel
Water Bottle
Optional: hat or visor


General Outdoor Doubles Rules:

No setting serve

No setting 1st ball over, unless it is hard driven.
Block does count as a touch
No open hand tipping
Sets can not spin, and shoulders must be square to where you are setting.

Any other questions, contact Krista (402-203-2135 or