2020 Summer Camps

All Skills Camps


Camp Cost: $75

All Skills Camp   Gr 3-6th   June 29-30, July 1  9a-12p

All Skills Camp   Gr 7-10th June 29-30, July 1   1p-4p


Camp Cost: $75  

All Skills Camp 3  Gr 3-6th   July 27-28-29   9a-12p

All Skills Camp 4  Gr 7-9th   July 27-28-29   1p-4p

Libero Camps


Camp Cost $75

Libero Camp 2   July 20-21-22  Gr 5-12 9a-noon

Pass & Serve Camps


Grades: 4-8      Cost: $75

Pass/Serve Camp 2   July 20-21-22 9a-noon

Position Hitter Camps


Grades: 6-12    Cost: $75

Middle Hitter Camp     July 20-21-22  1p-4p

Grades: 5-12    Cost: $75

LS & RS Hitter Camp      July 20-21-22 1p-4p

Setter Camps


Grades: 5-12    Cost: $75

Setter Camp 2   July 20-21-22 1p-4p

Li'l Digger Camps

These are the last CAMPS for Li'l Diggers for the summer.  We will have many Li'l Digger 4-week sessions the reminder of the year on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings.  Check the Li'l Digger page for more info.

LD camp

Grades: Pre-K-3    Cost: $55

Li'l Digger Camp 7
Grades 2-3 
July 13-14  1:30-3:00pm

Li'l Digger Camp 8
Grades Pre-K-1st  
July 13-14   3:00-4:00pm

Boys Camps


Grades: 4-12 (Boys)    Cost: $45

Boys TVA Camp (4-6th)  

Boys TVA Camp (7-12th)