Need a camp for your school?
Want it designed for your players abilities and skill level?  Want cheaper costs to help your players attend within their budgets?
We can do all of these for you.  Having conducted 67 "satellite" camps we have excellent experience and will design the camp for YOUR needs. We have hosted camps in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota.

Call  or email to get your school on our calendar, 402-213-4644 or

Team Camps @ TVA

Camp Description

A little "old school" team camp...not all competition, but opportunities for coaches clinics on how to set-up better, stronger practice plans for what you need. This format will help all coaches in recognizing aspects of your team's game that need work, but most importantly how to understand WHY we need the "fix" and how to implement the "fix". These situations in practice prepare you for your next competition.

Coaches, get a look at what you want your incoming players will need for better preparation for the upcoming HS season All Team Camps offer instructional and competitive sessions. This include a coaches clinic during the lunch hour while the players are in a sports psychology/motivational session during lunch.

Register early: Only 16 team spots per camp available. We prefer to have quality over quantity in our training and competitive sessions.

Team Camp Format


Drill Design/Practice


Lunch/Coaches Session &

Players Sports Psych Session


Competitive Drills



9th Grade Team Camp 1 June 6-7th

7-12 Winter camp

Home School Team Camp  June 20 & 21

We apologize some earlier information had it at 21-22, but the registration has always had it as Thurs-Fri the 20 & 21st.  Players need to register so we know if we will be able to have enough to have the camp.


9th Grade Team Camp 2 June 13-14th

7-12 Winter Camp2

Reserve-JV Team Camp  July 25-26th

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