2020 Spring League

League/Tournament Dates:

League begins March 11 and ends May 1.

Mar 27 (noon start or earlier depending on # of teams)

Apr 10 (AM start, possible two waves, depending on # of teams)

May 1 (noon start or earlier depending on # of teams)


  • Divisions offered/Nights of practice/Max # allowed

    • 3rd-4th Grade  (Developmental/Competitive League)
      • Mon 5:15-7, 14 players
      • Wed 5:15-7, 28 players
    • 3rd-4th Grade (Advanced Competitive League* 2nd year)
      • To register for this league you must "tryout" and have played a minimum of both a Fall League & Winter league or get special permission from Deb based on your knowledge level of base positions and rotations. These players must already know and have played specific positions and understand switching to "their base".  If you are not selected for the this league you will automatically make the Developmental/Competitive League
      • Mon 5:15-7, maximum of 12 players
    • 5th-6th Grade (Competitive League)
      • Mon 5:15-7, 28 players
      • Wed 5:15-7, 24 players
    • 7th-8th Grade (Competitive League)
      • Tues 5:15-7, maximum of 27 players


Evaluations:  For the Developmental (3-4) and the Competitive Leagues (5-6, 7-8).  Everyone makes a team.  The ACL evaluations are a tryout.  See your times/dates below.

Evaluation/Tryout Dates:

Mon March 1, 2021       5:30-6:45  all grades and levels

Wed March 3, 2021       5:30-6:45 all grades and levels

You will pick one of these days to attend when you register.

Tryouts:  For the Advanced Competitive League and the new 3-4th grade Advanced Developmental League.  You must "tryout" these are not an automatic into the league to participate.  Please see the criteria below required for each league. Friend requests are not honored for this league, you are selected by your ability. You may end up on the same team as a friend, but it is not guaranteed.


Competitive, Adv. Competitive Leagues: (all 3-4th, 5-6 & 7-8 CL)

$285 (includes)

  • 7+ week league
  • Coaches provided
  • Uniform shirt
  • 1 practice per week
  • 3 tournament competition days